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  • Disclaimer

    Mohawk Warrior Hockey Recruitment provides this service for teams looking for players. It is paramount that we provide factual information. If you have provided us with information that isn’t true it will only hurt you and your success as a junior hockey club. If you need to make changes to your profile or you are successful in finding a player to play without our help please notify us immediately so we can continue to provide accurate information to our clients. Your information will be held in the strictest of confidence and if you do not want us to send it to any players please let us know up front. If you wish to discontinue working with us you may inform us and we will no longer send your information out. We do reserve the right to keep your information for statistical purposes. Once a deal has been made with a player Mohawk Warrior Hockey Recruitment is not liable for any business transactions between the two parties what so ever. MWHR will not be liable for any injury or harm that may occur as a result of any transaction between the two parties nor will we be involved in any money transaction(s) resulting from any deal. The fee that Mohawk Warrior Hockey Recruitment charges is non-refundable for any reason. We will do whatever it is with-in our means to find a team a player until such a time that this is achieved or when the team has requested that we stop searching. MWHR is here for the sole purpose of finding suitable (suitable at the time of the deal) players for the client. Once we find a player those two parties will engage in the negotiation of player fees, billeting fees ect. without MWHR involved. I have read and understand the disclaimer, and I understand that I (we) have no recourse on MWHR for any dealings with the team or player. I agree to pay MWHR a fee of $500.00 for their services. I will make this payment by cash, cheque, money order, credit card.