MWH International Recruitment

MWH has a vast knowledge and years of experience in the recruitment of junior hockey players looking for teams to play for. Our affiliations include OHA Junior A, B and C, The GTHL independent Junior A league, The USHL, The NAHL, The NA3HL and many more independent leagues and teams in Canada, USA and Europe.We are work with a number of Pro Hockey teams and leagues as well for the over aged players. We are a young organization, very aggressive and tenacious about finding good quality teams for our players no matter what position you play.

Our process is very easy and inexpensive. Simply fill out the attached registration form and one of our scouts will follow you with you within 24 hours. We will help you build a profile to make yourself marketable to teams. We will then send your profile to our data base of coaches and General Managers and if someone is interested we will help you negotiate a good deal for you to play for that team.

Every player wants to land in the highest level of junior that they possibly can and we will help you but there is work to be done to achieve your goals. There are 4 components to a good profile, Picture, Video, Stats, and Comments (PVSC).

The Picture is important because it is the first thing a potential coach see’s so having a good clear, clean, well dressed picture is key.

The Video is one of the most often left out pieces of the puzzle, you want the coach to see you in action and sometimes the team is too far away or doesn’t have the budget to send a scout out to see you. Getting a few minutes of video of your self isn’t very hard especially with today’s technology. Ask a friend or parent to take a few shots of you in a game this could be the piece that lands you a spot right away.

The Stats, we have combined your personal information in with this such as your height, weight, shot, position (s). Here you will list your current stats from where you currently play or from the last time you played for a team, try to be accurate with your games played out of the total games, your goals, assists, +/- if possible and penalty minutes. For goalies, your save percentage and goals against average.

The Comments should be short but powerful. Tell the reader what your goals are and what you can do for his team be realistic but aggressive at the same time. Be confident and assertive in your message. Most hockey coaches love confidence with proof, but hate cocky with no substance.

We guarantee we will find you a junior team to play for.