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About Us

Mohawk Warrior Hockey starting in business in 2006. It was really an accident how we started. In 2005 my boys all started to play hockey and there were 3 of them, I put them into a hockey camp and it was lucky I knew the owner because it would have cost me a fortune to do it.

In 2006 I decided to run my own little camp for my boys and a few buddies kids joined as well. I think we had 10 kids in total. Well while running this camp I had a lot of people asking me if they could join and where do they get information and of course I had nothing to tell them except that I would email them the next summer. I invited more kids the next summer and things started to take off from there, each year getting bigger and bigger.  

In 2010 I learned about a new revolutionary way to train players and I implemented this into my training and it has been awesome. Basically using resistance and repetition we were able to improve players skill level almost immediately and after doing a few sessions players were taking these skills into their games and the improvement over all was awesome. My own boys made tremendous jumps in skill level. My oldest was playing selects hockey and moved to AA, my middle boy was playing AE and moved up to be an AP for the AA team and my youngest was playing A for 4 years and made the jump to AAA. So the training works! I can personally guarantee that.


Moving on, we were running all kinds of camps for players and this was good but the market is very saturated with hockey schools, it seems every coach now a days does their own thing so the number started to drop. Quickly making it obvious that we need to branch out and do other things. 

In 2015 we ran one summer camp and we had players from Slovenia come and join us. We also did a tour for an entire team from Slovenia and they stayed here for 2.5 weeks. MWH hosted them all at the University of Ontario residence, trained them every morning at Campus Ice, and ate dinners at Shagwells restaurant, play in 4 exhibition games and 2 tournaments. We showed them around Toronto and our city. They we so happy the organizers are planning on sending another group in 2016. We also have plans to host a team from China in 2016 as well. This is now a service offering that MWH offers. Tell all your family and friends back in Europe to come here and train with MWH!


MWH also sells European tours to any teams or individuals that are interested. There are usually 2-3 planned trips for teams to take advantage of. This is a chance of a life time for any players and families. 

We also encourage the coaching staff to be on ice so he or she can take the individual skills we teach back to their practice plan.


Another service offer we offer is Team Training, we will continue to offer our skills based training to teams all over the GTA and beyond. We have had very good success with running teams development programs. We do teams from all age groups, skill levels and boys and girls teams. Just let us know how we can help. Typically skills development should be done once per week but we can work with any size budget.


MWH has just started its own recruitment service for junior aged players, players from midget programs are being sought to register with MWHR Mohawk Warrior Hockey Recruitment. We can find them a junior team to play for. We believe every player should have the chance to play junior at some level and there are plenty of teams in Canada and the US that need players. Whether you played AAA, AA or A hockey you can register and one of our scouts will assist you on building a profile. There are junior teams out there that want to see what you can do for them. A lot of midget players call it quits after minor hockey because they just don’t know where to go to find good competitive hockey at their age and sometimes they don’t want to play juvenile hockey. Our service will help any play realize a dream of playing junior just like being in Major Junior. The programs that we can help you find are with top notch organizations and just like I said there are teams out there just about for every player.

If you are a seasoned junior player already we want to hear from you. We can help players with junior experience as well. We will ask the right questions to get the criteria that you’re looking for and we’ll match you with available positions from our data base. We work with the following leagues EHL Tier III, MJHL, NA3EHL, NA3HL, NPHL, RMJHL, USPHL and the AAU in the USA and Junior A, B, C teams, GMHL teams across Canada. If there is a position out there we will have the player to fill it. Go to Junior Player Placement and sign up today.

Don’t just quit, Join MWHR today!